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These last days of 2011 are always a time of reflection. Media are filled with those lists of people who have died, who have married, who have gone to jail, people who have experienced major transitions in 2011.  The top tech stories of the year, the top political stories of the year, even the top Christian stories of the year are highlighted.

Reviewing and remembering are a way not to forget!  And we forget so easily! Aren’t you often surprised: ” What, that happened just this year!”  

I’m always surprised when I look at the list of what I wrote that attracted the most attention. Some posts are widely read because they touch on very current events; other posts are slightly controversial–and, for better or worse,  drama always attracts attention! Other posts touch some human element, and others just seem to be important for just a few people!

So here are the top ten posts according to the number of people who read them. I’ll post the links for numbers 10-6, and post the top five each day until the New Year begins!

#10 –     “Shooting the Opposition!” “I must say that the shooting of a member of Congress does not surprise me!”

# 9  –     “What Makes Pepperdine Bible Lectures Work!”  ” Opening Night of the Pepperdine Bible Lectures is why it is still alive when virtually all other Christian college lectureships have faded!”

# 8  –     Rob Bell versus Jonathan Edwards?  “If Rob Bell comes out definitively for universal salvation, then he is only another reflection of the times we live in!”

#7  –  Why Did You Go To Germany?   In 1969, four young American couples committed to go to Germany to do full-time mission work. Why did they choose Germany? I know because I was part of the team.

#6 –  Church Resurrection Requires Radical Action!    What kinds of radical actions might result in resurrection of a dead church to any kind of new life?

Starting tomorrow then, we will count down the last days of  2011 with the re-posting of the  top five posts of 2011 in their entirety! If you remember them, share them with someone else. 


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