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Yesterday, April 11 was our anniversary—and this year it was the first day of a month of traveling together for LST. I can’t say for sure, but it is probably not the first time we have been traveling on our anniversary.  The blessing is that Sherrylee and I have done most of our traveling together over our forty-one years of marriage.

 In fact, we traveled together quite a lot while we were dating. We started dating in the summer/fall of 1969 and that Christmas we drove together from Fort Walton Beach, Florida,–her home—to my home in Fort Worth, Texas, 775 miles, spending one night with her uncle Richard’s family in Gretna, New Orleans on the way.  Within the next 12 months, we drove to Atlanta, to Missouri, to Searcy, and back and forth from Oxford, Mississippi, where I was working, so from the beginning, we have enjoyed the road.

Since then we have driven and flown uncountable miles, and certainly 90% of them have been together, so surely we have something to share about traveling with your spouse—or just traveling together and making it work!

  1. 1.       Traveling together doesn’t mean you travel the same way. Sherrylee and I pack differently, so we always opt for two small suitcases instead of one larger one. We have an understanding that we don’t pack into each other’s suitcases unless there is no other choice.  It just makes things work better.
  2. 2.       Sherrylee is more spontaneous, so I decide where we are going to spend the night, and she works out what we do along the way.  That satisfies my need to know where we are going and hers for having surprises along the way.
  3. You never have more time to talk about your life than when you are on a long trip. Every major crisis or decision in our life has taken hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to talk through.
  4. Don’t start the deep talking in the first hour of your trip. It takes a little time to decompress from packing up and getting out the front door before you are really relaxed enough to start taking on heavy topics.
  5. Road trips are great places to share audiobooks.  In the states, we have used Cracker Barrel book rentals, but now you can just rent online, download into your MP3 player and listen in the car.  Podcasts are also something that we listen to together in recent years. We especially like News from Lake Wobegon by Garrison Keillor—which is a free subscription.
  6. I’m OK when she wants to sleep for a couple of hours, and she’s OK when I want to listen to a ballgame. She usually reads magazines while I listen, and I usually think while she sleeps. (I know that makes me sound weird, but I’m basically an introvert with a very active interior life!)
  7. Our one big area of conflict after all these years has to do with someone’s definition of SHOPPING as recreation! Smartphones with lots of apps are an answer to prayer! I find a place in almost any kind of store and entertain myself while Sherrylee shops.

As you have noticed, most of these suggestions have to do with road trips—which we both strongly recommend to you. But traveling by air has its own set of lessons. For instance:

  1. Trust your spouse to have brought her passport/ID and don’t keep asking about it.
  2. You can get aisle seats across from each other, so everyone gets the seat they want.
  3. You can get lots of reading done at the gate, while your spouse browses the Duty Free store.
  4. Sometimes one of you is a little more anxious about ticketing, security, customs, and immigration  (me!) than the other (Sherrylee), so you might need to give them a little more space during those moments!

After all the miles, we love each other more and would always choose to travel together rather than apart.  As you can read between the lines, we’ve had our meltdowns while traveling—like the time Sherrylee threw the map out the window because I wasn’t following her instructions!  Now she doesn’t take it as personally because I don’t always do what the navigation system says to do either!!

So, go jump in the car and go somewhere with the one you love the most. It’s great for your marriage! And if you find yourself on the road on your 41st anniversary, may you be as happy as we are!

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