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Both the intensity and the ubiquity of the political conversations in this election year may be unparalleled, at least in recent history.  What is most troubling is the bitter rancor of almost every conversation. Political conversations are not civil; they sound more like civil war.  Where do Christians turn for guidance?

I feel a bit like Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate, when they had no silver or gold to give to the lame man. I have no silver bullets or golden answers,  but as they did, so I would like to also offer you what I do have.

I am writing and preparing 40 days of meditations for all who need a word of guidance in this election, not my words (much) but words from God.  I am not going to tell you whose name to mark on your ballot in November, but I do plan to share with you insights from Scripture into God’s activity and will for the nations of the world.

Beginning September 24, I will publish each day for the next forty days, a series of short meditations and prayers under the title King Of All Nations. Each meditation will contain a chosen word from God, sometimes a story, sometimes a psalm, sometimes a prophetic word, but always His Words. After hearing from God, I will try to stimulate your thinking about that text with a few thoughts and questions, then I will offer you a prayer to pray as you seek clarity.

If you are interested in this 40-days of seeking God’s will and plan for our nation, you might want to subscribe/follow to this site, or you can just visit each day.

I promise that you will be challenged by the Word regardless of your current political position!

Watch for further information.  And share this with your friends. They are as concerned as you are.

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Last week I announced that on September 29, I would begin publishing a daily meditation and prayer for forty days in preparation for our national election on November 8.  I want to encourage you to plan on joining in asking God to speak to us through His Word about how He chooses national leaders, whom He chooses, and why countries are both raised up and brought down.

To better understand why I have felt compelled to write these meditations and prayers, I’d like to share with you a note that I received today from a European friend who shares his concerns about US Christians during this election season:

Hi Mark,

 I really think your blog-article to read from God’s wisdom during the coming 40 days, concerning the American elections is a great idea. Several christians in Europe do not understand all the comments that are being made especially on facebook mainly about _______. They understand that ______ is probably not the best candidate (ethics etc.). What does bother several christians here though are the often downright attacks on ________, also the way they try to ridicule him/her on facebook. A lot of these comments and pictures are placed by christians, even by some that we know. It seems to us that politics in the US at the moment is overtaking God’s Word of loving others, even your enemies, not wish them harm, treat another with respect, not tear them down nor ridicule them, etc.

I think that some people could even be questioning their relationships by all this outpour of negativity, made by other christians without them even realizing this. I think they do not realize how this can come across. Most Europeans seem to avoid talking about this [with Americans] because they sometimes find out it can be a touchy subject to discuss (at least with some people).

 That’s why I really welcome your plan to let yourselves above all be guided by God’s Word/Wisdom and His principles.


Mark your calendars for September 29 as Day 1 of Forty Days of the Word and Prayer–and share this with your friends.

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