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Concluding this short series is a woman whose name was known around the world, but who lived long enough to be forgotten by many. I appreciated the chance to be re-introduced to her and to get to know her more as a person than as a figure in the news.

Lady Bird Johnson

There is a whole section in the LBJ Library dedicated to his wife Lady Bird. Of course, I knew her as having been an advocate for wildflowers in Texas and as the one responsible for removing the billboards from the interstate highway system, but that was all.

Again, I was struck by a strong person who found herself in a position to do good, so she searched for avenues to do as much as she could. She was very active in lobbying for both the civil rights legislation and for the education agenda of her husband. She consciously searched within his agenda to find areas where she could make her best contributions—and she made a lasting impact on the country.

Lady Bird 2004

Then she was widowed when she was just 59 years old in 1973.  She lost her husband, but she did not lose her platform nor her will to serve, so she continued her humanitarian activities right up until her death in 2007.


These people may not be spiritual giants, but everything good comes from God and when we see perseverance, optimism, a passion for the oppressed, even a passion for beauty—when we see these in people and when we recognize them as God-given gifts, then, I find, when I am inspired and encouraged—that’s spiritual.

I’ve got three more biographies that I want to read now.

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